What is Gourmet?

According to Gourmet means “a connoisseur of fine food and drink;”

This got me thinking how things have changed over the years, what was “gourmet” or fine food back in the 70′s or 80′s certainly wouldn’t be classed as fine food today.

Coming from a traditional British family, meat and three veg, we would have considered stir fry very gourmet and something only found in Chinese restaurants, or foods like French onion dip and crackers were considered party foods.

I couldn’t have imagined us eating mangos or kiwi fruit, anything other than an apple, orange or banana was very “Posh”

Anything “international” would have been considered very exotic and I am not sure we would have ventured far enough to try many of the foods we eat regularly these days, I for one, am glad our tastes have broadened and we have become a lot “braver” with our food choices.

Has the luxury of caviar been dissolved by its availability on our supermarket shelves?

Who would have thought we would be buying fresh salmon in a supermarket and cooking it at home or making sushi for the kids lunchboxes.

However as one friend mentioned recently they used to eat rabbit a lot as her father used to go shooting, but nowadays rabbit is considered gourmet on many restaurant menus so maybe what is considered gourmet now hasn’t always been so or visa versa. Maybe one day our “Gourmet” will not be so and meat and three veg with be classed as fine food.

Gourmet foods these days have a lot more boxes to tick, I think, they need to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, have a lot more attention to detail, have the right balance of flavours and be something we don’t eat everyday and how that evolves in the years to come is anyone’s guess.