Above and Beyond!

As the financial year comes to a close maybe you are looking for ways to show your appreciation to your employees for their hard work in helping your company succeed during the past year.

Or perhaps you want to show your clients that their loyalty is valued and you wish to continue your relationship with them.

Appreciation is a great idea but Why?

Do you want to build a sense of belonging and loyalty? Do you want to develop better teamwork between employees? Do you want to just thank them for a job well done?

As many as 44% of employees feel they don’t receive appropriate recognition, above their pay, from their employers for their contributions to the company. The number one reason good employees quit is that they feel they were not appreciated, despite the fact that they received generous pay packets. It is the above and beyond that sets a company apart, that shows someone they are valued. The company that the best employees are scrambling to work for.

While cash gifts require little effort on your part, they are soon forgotten also. The gift that stands out is one that appears to have plenty of thought and planning. It needs to be sincere and heartfelt.

If you want to attract and keep good quality staff they need to know they are appreciated and belong to the team that is your company.

Although many people are glad just to have a job right now. You have an opportunity to set yourself apart and build loyalty for the long run. Go Above and Beyond!

Grant Burge Pinot Noir Gift Box - AFBX1039

For help with your corporate end of financial year gifts give us a call on 0422531566 and we will also go Above and Beyond to make your company look good.

We can also tailor your gifts in your corporate colours.